What is oral sex?

There are two types of oral sex, one relating to oral sex performed on a man, and the other referencing oral sex performed on a woman.

The technical term for oral sex performed on a man is called Fellatio.

Fellatio is when a woman takes a man’s penis in her mouth and sucks on it.  The term Fellatio comes from the Latin “to suck”.

While I think many Christians would think it is wrong to show any image(even if drawn or painted) of sex – I do not.  I think like many other things – there is an appropriate time and place for this type of imagery as teaching tool and this is one of those times.  Below are images that demonstrate various positions women take when performing Fellatio:





All of these images were produced by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Seedfeeder?rdfrom=commons:User:Seedfeeder and are in common domain

Cunnilingus is when a man performs oral sex on a woman.   Cunnilingus comes from two Latin words – vulva (cunnus) and tongue (lingua), literally meaning “to lick the vulva with the tongue”.  Many women and some men fear this.  The reason that most women and some men fear this is that they are worried about not being “so fresh down there”.  They worry about bodily secretions and sometimes when they are close to their period starting or it has just ended.  While it is true that most men have no desire perform Cunnilingus on their wife during her period, most are fine with it just before or just after as long as she as bathed.

For most men though performing Cunnilingus on their wives is almost as big a turn on as her performing Fellatio on him. Men are very turned on by the scent of a woman’s vagina, plain and simple.  We are designed that way.  And ladies – let me tell you, when you take something away like Fellatio or even Cunnilingus, it just makes your husband think about that even more.

Below are some images depicting various positions for Cunnilingus:




Second image origin: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:The_Wednesday_Island


You may have noticed the first picture is a repeat from the Fellatio positions.  This position is known as “69” for obvious reason that the couples heads are on opposite ends.  This allows for mutual sexual satisfaction during oral sex.

Many people who do not believe in marriage wonder how married people keep it “fresh”.   The way they do is with variety.  Whether it be intercourse, foreplay or oral sex you need to shake up the positions, otherwise that is where things get boring, and boring is the enemy when it comes to sex.  For instance, lets say your favorite meal was steak.  If you had steak, prepared exactly the same way every day and for every meal eventually you would grow to hate steak, or you certainly would look for something else.  The same applies to sex, if you do it the same way, every time it begins to loose its appeal.

That is why I always say – when it comes to oral sex(as with sex in general) there are two rules to live by:

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and “Variety is the spice of life”.  You don’t always have to take a bath before sex, and in some instances being dirty and sweaty may be a turn on.  But many times it is not.

But then comes big question the ladies always ask…

Do I have to swallow?

The answer is yes, no and maybe.  If you are doing it only as foreplay to intercourse, then of course you don’t need to swallow because you don’t want him to climax.  But if you are performing Fellatio on your husband as an act of sacrificial love then you need to finish the job. Can you just jerk him off at the end, yes – but it’s not as satisfying.  You should at the very least let him climax in your mouth and then very discreetly spit it out some place.  But keep this mind – you taking in of your husband’s semen is very big psychological thing for him.  It tells him you accept him, all of him, that you crave him.  A man whose woman does this for him will do anything for that woman, he will think of you day and night.  This is like throwing the hottest coal you could find in his love furnace and you will see the results in your relationship.

But another way to think of this is – if your husband were performing Cunnilingus on you and you were about to climax and he stopped and started using his fingers instead, most of you ladies would be very unhappy.

If you have read my articles on nudity on this site, you will know that I do not believe nudity in and of itself is wrong for a Christian(not even to photography one’s self nude). With that being said, this site below offers more information on oral sex and other “non-vaginal intercourse” types of sex but a WARNING to you, it does feature actual married couples having sex.

For more on oral sex from thegiftofsex.com – see Why a Christian should perform oral sex on her husband

8 thoughts on “What is oral sex?

  1. I have noticed that sometimes. My sperm is like water and sometimes it is thick like glue or paste do you have any idea why or what causes this in a mans sperm? Thanks and god bless

  2. Kan

    My wife don’t want to give me blowjobs while taking into consideration that I give her oral sex.
    she feels that blowjobs is disgusting.
    I showed her the articles in ur website but she still don’t want too.
    I told her I need it so much but still she doesn’t want.
    I love my wife so much but I don’t know what to do.

    1. Kan,

      These are the steps I would suggest. First and foremost bring this to the Lord in prayer – pray daily for your wife and for yourself. But there is more that you can do besides just pray. God has given you a responsibility to lead, teach and sometimes discipline and correct your wife.

      1. Take your wife to a Christian marriage counselor and explain this issue in front of them. But make sure before you go to the counselor with your wife, that you go alone and meet with the counselor to make sure they are on the same page with on Biblical sexuality and the duties of sex within marriage. Some Christian counselors do not follow the Bible.

      If she is willing to go with you, be sure not to allow her to make excuses or turn it around on you for being selfish(because you are not selfish for desiring this from your wife). She may also try and deflect by claiming there are other areas of the marriage that need to be worked on first(a stalling method) – but do not allow her to deflect. If there are other legitimate areas she has identified with you and your counselor then by all means work on areas where you can do things better. But don’t let her off the hook on the oral sex. If you wife refuses to see the counselor, or she goes and refuses to hear the counselor and says she won’t do it then you need to move to the next steps.

      2. You need to make the connection between your wife’s romantic needs and yours sexual needs. There are certain things that you are required to do for your wife no matter what. You are required to provide food, clothing and shelter to her. You are required to have sex with her when she desires it, even if she is not meeting all your sexual needs. You are required to know her(talk to her) on a regular basis and honor her even if she does not meet your sexual needs, even she remains stubborn on these issues. But what about other things your wife likes? Are there special places she likes to go? Are there romantic things she likes to you to do for her or with her? Do you give her back massages or foot massages? You need stop doing these things for her, and with her and be clear as to why you are doing it. You are not doing it to be spiteful or mean. You are doing it to make you marriage better, and your marriage will be made better when you wife realizes there is direct relationship between romantic gestures you make toward her or things you do with her and her meeting your needs. This is not manipulation, but as her husband it is form of discipline and correction.

      You see in this day and age – most men to do not realize that God has given them a duty to correct and discipline their wives(not abuse or hitting them) – but rather correcting faulty behavior and thinking. God has given your wife’s body to you(and yours to her). That does not just mean her vagina either. He has given her mouth to you for your pleasure(through oral sex or other ways she can kiss you) and her breasts to you as well(boob sex). But you need to help her to see that through drawing a a direct correlation between her needs and yours. Again as I said previously – the love God requires of you unconditionally toward your wife is to lead her, provide food, clothing and shelter to her, talk to her on a daily basis, teach her God’s ways and honor her position as your helpmeet. But he does not require you to do anything beyond that – those extra things she likes from you – you can use those things to show her that she needs to meet your needs and give her body fully to you as God intended.

  3. This sight has been nothing short of a blessing to me. Especially since I’ve heard of people who’ve had “revelations” that certain acts like oral and other positions are sin (thus adding to scripture). What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Bess,

      Those who condemn oral sex(in marriage of course) do not have a Scriptural leg to stand on. Nothing in the Scriptures constricts sexual relations to vaginal intercourse. Now of course I do think God wants us as married couples to have sex which has procreative value like vaginal intercourse does but that does not mean we can’t do other things as well. Not every sexual encounter between a husband and wife must end with him ejaculating in her vagina as the Catholic Church teaches. That is their tradition with no Scripture to back it up.

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