Sexual Positions for Christians

This is sort of a silly title – because after all – non-Christians or anyone else could use these(and do).

No –  the Bible does not place any limits on sexual positions, so your imagination is the limit.

But unlike some other Christian sites, I don’t have a problem showing sexual images to teach and convey techniques.  Why try and dance around all this language when you can just show a picture?   It is like looking at directions to build your shed.  Except this shed is a lot more fun to build with your spouse!

Listed below are the main positions with some variants(all images are in common domain made by http://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/User:Seedfeeder?rdfrom=commons:User:Seedfeeder):

Classic Missionary Position – this is the position a lot of couples get stuck with and they rarely if ever vary from(I am in one of those marriages).  It is a very intimate position and allows the man to take his naturally dominate role during intercourse. However as great as this position is, if it the only position you ever do, it can cause your love life to become stagnant.


Missionary variant position: I like this position as variant.


Man from Behind better known as “Doggy Style” position.  Some Christians have a problem with this because they see it as less intimate and more resembling the way animals tend to have sex(humans are the mammal that have intercourse face to face).  The problem is there is nothing Biblically wrong and it gives a completely different sensation to sex in this position. It is also a FACT that this position is the best position to conceive a child in as it allows for the perfect positioning of the man’s semen.  This is a great position and should be a favorite for any Christian couple.  Sexual Intercourse is intimate no matter what position you use – period!


Spoon Position – this is a variant on Doggy style with the man penetrating the women from behind, but instead of standing he is laying behind her.


Woman on Top – otherwise known as the cow girl position – this is one that many Christian women may feel is un-lady-like because it puts the woman in a dominate position during sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. It allows your husband a full view of the beautiful woman God has given him and next to Missionary position is one of the most intimate love making positions(basically just missionary position reversed).  It also allows for a very different sensation during sexual intercourse and allows you as the woman to control how your husband is penetrating you, the speed and the angle.  I mentioned earlier that the doggy position is great for getting pregnant – well the woman on top position is great for when a woman is VERY pregnant for obvious reasons  that her belly will be larger and the man does not put any weight on her belly in this position.


Another variation below on the woman on top position, only the man is sitting up, but she is still on top.


One more variation below of the woman on top position and very intimate.


Then comes what has been an impossible position for me to ever  do  – the standing up sex position. Unless you are very strong dude and your wife is tiny, or you are both gymnasts most people won’t be able to do this position.  It requires the man to not only carry is wife’s entire weight, but also be able to move her up and down, she may be able to help a bit but the majority of this rests on his strength and agility.


Sex does not always have to end in intercourse. There is nothing wrong or unbiblical with a man finishing with his penis between his wife’s breasts.


So that is it.  Obviously there  some more variations of these positions but you get the general idea. And I wills say what I say many times on this blog.  Ladies for the most part – you hold the key to making this happen.  In any relationship the person who wants something the least has the most power.  In most relationships men want sex the most and women want it the least.  That means you ladies have to let this happen, you have to encourage your man and let him know its safe for him to try these different positions. You won’t regret it!

For oral sex positions see this article I wrote – What is Oral Sex?.

Remember Sex is the glue that holds a marriage together.  You can have love, you can have commitment, but if you don’t have regular, great sex, you are not fulfilling the true potential of your marriage.  Really without sex, your husband and you are at best good friends – nothing more.

Think of it another way – you can talk to your friends on the phone. You can talk to your friends on Facebook. You can even go on vacations with your friends. You can tell your friends your most intimate and dark secrets.  You can cry on your friends shoulders.  You can go to the hospital to support your friend when they are sick.  You get the point…..

But there is only man in this world ladies that you can make love too – and please with the body God gave you for him – and that is your husband.

Now go and build that shed!


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16 thoughts on “Sexual Positions for Christians

  1. Gwamniru Idiche

    Although I have benefitted somehow from your blog at least for purposes of counselling, I doubt if you are born again and spirit filled. You sound too carnal for comfort.

    1. I wonder why you would say you doubt I was born again and that I am too carnal. How is acknowledging the reality of our sexual nature, desires and needs a carnal thing? I invite you to show examples from my writings of my carnality. I am in fact a born again Christian, I accepted Christ when I was 7 years old and have tried to live my life according to his word ever since. But God has also put in me a deep desire for the truth, in all areas of my life. I and many other born again believers have discovered that our sexuality is NOT some evil thing to be hidden and ran from, but it is something to be embraced. When used it in its proper context, it is a gift from God. Too many Christians never open the gift of sexuality that God has given them, and it is a sad thing.

      1. Well, I don’t know what Bible your reading Gwamniru Idiche: But the Song of Solomon is a very erotic love letter of a husband and wife having intercourse as well as oral sex. Unequallibido-keep up the excellent work and continue to set the captives free.

      2. Yes I was not sure what Bible he was reading either. A lot of Christians throughout the centuries and still today would love to just rip the Song of Solomon out of the Bible. I get a kick out of all these Christians who say the New Testament does not talk about eros love, and I always tell them that is because God had an entire book written about sexual love in Old Testament so he did’nt need to say much more on the subject(erotic love) in the NT.

  2. I like your approach here in this article. Variety and pleasurable sensations for both spouses through using different positions is good and natural. (You are not being “too carnal for comfort” in this post.)

    “Sex does not always have to end in intercourse. There is nothing wrong or unbiblical with a man finishing with his penis between his wife’s breasts.” Yes, definitely this is true and yet some married Christians struggle with this. If the spouses can overcome any mental inhibitions they may have, the husband finishing on or between his wife’s breasts allows his wife to see/watch his climax, which some wives find exciting. And, this can help the young wife to become more accustomed to, and comfortable with, the semen and then she can try performing oral sex. Oral sex enhances the emotional intimacy and closeness for the couple and is perfectly okay within a loving marriage. In fact, oral sex is a beautiful form of expression of the sexual love between the spouses.

  3. Well, my fiance before marriage was a complete novice on sexual matters. A properly raised girl from birth, virgin till marriage and as such thought it was not correct as christians to “suck breasts” “fingering” etc. To complicate matters I afraid to have sex before marriage too even though I had opportunities to. We were both almost novices but I was more experienced than she. I stumbled on this site in my quest for Godly advice on the matter since we are born again Children of God and believe me the information here is mind blowing. If God didn’t want us to enjoy sex in the correct way, He wouldn’t have allowed Songs of Solomon in the Bible. Believe me, for the first time in my life I understand Songs of Solomon 1:13 clearly. All my life I’d always wondered how possible it is to “lie betwixt breasts” Which, I understand now to mean “boob sex”

    If a poll were conducted, you’d find out the statistics for infidelity in Christian marriages are staggeringly off-the charts, because most so called “christian couples” don not want to help themselves and spouses enjoy sex in marriage as GOD intends for us to enjoy it.

    Idichie, just read your bible with understanding…the information here is a medication for many failing Christian marriages. I’m glad i stumbled here.

    1. Joseph,

      Thank you so much for your gracious comments and I am glad this site has been a blessing to you. You are communicating exactly why I believe the Lord lead me make this site and post my research in sexuality from a Biblical perspective.

      So Joseph if you don’t mind sharing – have you been able to improve your sex life with your wife? Have she seen any articles from this site?

    1. Of course she can give her husband a blow job(perform oral sex on him). Nothing in the Bible forbids this and it actually is a great way to bring your husband closer to you and fill his heart with passion for you.

  4. Mlango

    the first time I thought God is speaking to me about sex I felt a little uneasy, however your ministry has really encouraged me. thank you

  5. justice

    it’s good thing atleast Christian nowadays understand bible and try to understand the truth,
    divorces are now and then because people think sex is evil and need no improvement,
    closing our eyes by not telling people the truth we gonna loose them in which by itself it will be a biblical and spiritual negligence
    we’ve to teach our fellow Christians the truth and we gonna help them,

  6. kwyjibo

    I am kind of curious if anal sex is OK (and tips about it like you have for oral sex). In our house personally my wife doesn’t want it at all and while I have a greater sex drive than her, this is one thing that we share in that I don’t have a great desire for it either. But, I also know that if she told me one day that she wanted to try it I would be right there “knocking on the back door” despite my uncomfortability with it (provided I was wearing a condom, which I never have done yet) since it is my role as the husband to please her.

    But (pun not intended 😉 ) I know that anal sex is but one of the dishes in the smorgasbord of sex, but Christians are usually silent about any matters sexual, and those few Christians that are open about it (like you) don’t mention it, which makes me wonder about it. Is it OK, is there Biblical justification if there is, and what are some tips about it?

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