How should Christian women respond to their men looking at other women?


This is a new 3 part series by about the issue of men checking out other women(other than the one they are with).

This really delves into the issues of how women feel about this, and how they typically react to it, and how they actually should react to it. It also has a helpful addendum talking to men about how they go about looking at other women.

Here is are some excerpts from this series(make sure to click on the links in the bottom to go to next article in series):

“Many Christians (both men and women) would admit that it is natural for a man (and teen boys) to be drawn to beautiful women…

But these same people would also admit that it is natural for a woman to be jealous when she catches her man glancing at an attractive woman. Other women who are not coming from the perspective of the wife or girlfriend, may just say this behavior “objectifies women” and they become angry when men look at them.

So we have reached a philosophical impasse – both behaviors are natural in each gender, yet they are contradictory to each other….

As believers in Christ, we understand that we all have a sin nature. But we also have a God given nature. In the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve ever sinned, God gave Adam a distinct and different male nature and he gave Eve a distinct and different female nature. He literally built Eve for Adam, and he made her nature almost completely the opposite of his….

So the question is – is man’s natural inclination to look at a variety of attractive women (even when he is in a committed relationship) a corruption of the nature God gave him in the Garden of Eden?”

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Gentlemen, enjoy your summer


There are many things to love about the season of summer.  Time with family, vacations and yes  -beautiful women! At no other time of year do men get to enjoy the beauty of women like they do right now.  Just about every time you walk out of the house for whatever errand you are running, or wherever you may go there seems to be beautiful women walking down the street or through the store.

Guys just remember the golden rule  – glance, don’t gawk. The only exception to the “no gawking rule” would be if your wife or girl friend is not with you, and the woman is facing away from you, then you can take a slightly longer glance to soak in the beauty of her form.  Just be cool, not creepy.

Have a great summer and enjoy the view!


What if I don’t have an hour glass figure?

Summary of this post – men do prefer to the hour glass figure to all others and women need to stop getting mad at men for this preference. However, just because a woman does not have the most desired figure(hour glass), does not mean that men won’t still find them attractive. Every woman needs to make the best of her physical appearance and play to her strengths while at the same time not faulting men for preferring the hour glass figure.

Biblical Gender Roles


Millions of women ask themselves this question each and every day. Most studies show then men prefer women with an hour glass figure, and a 60 to 70% hip to waist ratio. Are women who don’t have an hour glass figure doomed to be single? What about middle aged women who used to have an hour glass figure when they were young but don’t anymore?

First full disclosure – I am a married man in my mid 30’s as I write this post. I think far too often women read articles from other women on this subject, but they don’t get the male perspective and I will try and provide an honest perspective here.

Do men really prefer the hour glass figure on a woman?

Yes men prefer the hour glass figure to the other body types. It is hard wired into us. If a man were to look at…

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Does objective beauty exist?

Summary of this post – objective physical beauty does in fact exist, and it is biologically driven for the most part. This does not mean that subjective beauty does not exist at the same time, because it does. Also just because someone does not match objective physical beauty standards it does not mean that can’t be beautiful in other ways.

Biblical Gender Roles

Group of four happy smiling women

Plato famously said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. This is a question that Plato and many philosophers have asked for centuries. I have actually held an opinion on this question since being in high school (over 20 years ago) and while my opinion has been refined a bit, it basically has remained the same.

Let me be clear before I begin, that in this post for the most part we will be discussing physical outward beauty, and not as much the inward beauty of the mind and soul. In other posts I will touch on inward beauty as well. This will be the first post in a series of posts I will be writing dealing with the subjects of beauty, body image and physical sexual attraction.

Also in this post I am discussing beauty as it relates to sexual attractiveness in human beings, as opposed to animals…

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