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This site originally started out as unequallibido.wordpress.com and it just had a more narrow focus on the differences in libido(sex drive) between men and women.  Over time as I have had people send me questions and as I covered other subjects I changed the site to TheGiftofSex.com going along with my understanding of the Scriptures that our sex drives our not a curse, but a gift from God.  When it comes to sex we just need to stay within the boundaries God has established in his Word.

I don’t want to give much more info about myself than I have to.  At times I may share some stories about myself or other close friends and much of this is deeply personal and I would not want it coming back to bite me…anonymity is a beautiful thing.  We all need to share our deepest and most raw thoughts sometimes and I think a blog like this is perfect way to do it.

Some of you may wonder how much my wife knows about my beliefs when it comes to sexuality. I would estimate that she knows 70% of what I think, and we have had many conversations about things we agree and disagree on. There are some things that I feel 90% of women will never hear from their husbands, and we as men can talk about it amongst ourselves, but our wives will still never understand.  But just because a person cannot understand something, does not make it any less true.

Another question I am sure people will want to know is, do I have a good sex life with my wife? For now I will say this.  There have been, and occasionally still are times when my wife and I have had fantastic sex.  But my wife has had to deal with some emotional issues(from past abuse), as well as physical disabilities which more often than not puts a great deal of stress on our love life.

So if you want to read blogs about Christian sexuality from folks who have the perfect sex life, then my blog may not be for you.  But I have a feeling there are more Christians that not, that struggle with making the best and using to the fullest, God’s gift of sex.

I am a conservative Christian and my faith is very important to me.  Some people mistake the fact that if you are a conservative Christian then sex is a taboo subject.  The Bible never forbids the discussion of sex but of course you have to be careful how you go about it(because it can become wrong). But I believe based on my own careful study of the Scriptures over a 20 year period that there is a lot more freedom when it comes to sexuality than our churches allow.  Most Christians would agree that God has indeed placed boundaries on his gift of sex, but our disagreements are about where the boundaries are.

Before I go into more detail on various sexual subjects, I will tell you these basic truths that I have reaffirmed over the years from my study of God’s Word.  I believe homosexuality, bestiality, swinging, adultery and premarital-sex are all wrong, because God wants sex between a man and woman to be only within the bounds of marriage.

I will do my best to present things in a way that does not dishonor my faith – sometimes you may see me go back and edit a post if I think I stepped over any lines.  I hope if you are struggling with some sexual issues and want a Christian view point, that this blog will be helpful to you.

I invite you to send me comments, both positive and negative.   Just make sure that if you disagree with me, that you keep it civil.

While my word press code name has been UnEqualLibido you can also refer to me by the pen name I have chosen which is David Gideon.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dave

    I’m so happy to find your site. When looking for advice in dealing with my sexless marriage, I’ve spent years reading from sites that seem to be populated by Christians for whom sex with a spouse is a non-issue. Usually the issues being discussed involve the safety, health, and morality of sex acts between spouses. I really wanted to find a place where I could get advice on how to handle my libido in a Godly way while being married to a person that has flatly refused to be involved in any sexual activity, see or hear of it on T.V. or radio, or even discuss it with me for nearly a decade. We’ve missed out on the opportunity to have kids safely (should my spouse choose to endure sex long enough for pregnancy to occur) as my wife is now in her early thirties and has some small health issues, making an already senior pregnancy more complicated.
    Thank you so much for addressing this issue, and I realize that challenging the “off the cuff” response that looking upon a naked person is wrong as it is lustful can put you in a compromising situation. I’m glad that you’ve given this subject in-depth thought just I have (due to mutual necessity). It’s easy to take the safe route and decry any act that brings sexual excitement to a man besides the look and touch of his wife to be lustful, or even adulterous, but one must keep in mind that the sexual excitement that is brought about through seeing others of the opposite sex is naturally a necessity before marriage, or even before the first date takes place. It’s not as though people who are single bear an obvious visual sign that is different from those who are engaged or married.

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