Men and women experience orgasms differently


Men and women both have a dopamine rush during sexual foreplay – this makes them both more sensitive to touch.  Dopamine during sexual foreplay basically turns your whole body into a sexual pleasure zone, with certain erogenous zones being the most sensitive(like the genital region).

Men and women both release more dopamine, then the hormones oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin during their orgasms.  The combination of this rush of chemicals is what gives us a high similar to that which a cocaine or heroine addict gets when they do a hit.

Here is a summary of what these hormones do in our brain:

Dopamine – Gives us feelings of pleasure(makes us more sensitive to touch)

Oxytocin – Makes us want to cuddle and also blocks pain

Prolactin – Calms us and relaxes us

Serotonin – Makes us happy

But here is the difference between men and women during orgasm

While men and women both release all four of these hormones during sexual arousal, sex and then orgasm – they do so in very different proportions.  Men release far more dopamine during arousal, intercourse and orgasm than women do.

Estrogen actually helps increase the effects of oxytocin while testosterone tends to decrease it’s effects.  This is why women(who have more estrogen and less testosterone) get more cuddly after sex and actually can get much more emotional after sex than men typically do.

While men also release oxytocin during orgasm, because they have more testosterone and less estrogen the oxytocin has much less of an effect on men than it does on women.

On the other hand, men receive much more dopamine from viewing women as well as during sex and orgasms than women do.  This makes sex much more physically pleasurable for man.

When a man sees a beautiful woman live and in person, when he catches a glimpse of her cleavage, or her shirt reveals the small of her back or when a man sees a woman naked(whether live or in a picture) his brain gives him a rush of dopamine.


Both men and women enjoy sex emotionally and physically.  Both men and women release the same brain chemicals during sexual foreplay, intercourse and then in their orgasms.

But for men sex is more physically pleasurable than emotionally pleasurable and for women sex is more emotionally pleasurable than physically pleasurable.

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