My change on images of unmarried couples having sex

I have made it clear on this site in several places that I hold to the Biblical belief that sexual relations between a man and woman is strictly reserved for marriage.

The Bible says:

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”

The Bible places sexual relations between a man and woman into one of three categories – marriage, whore-mongering or adultery.  There is no fourth acceptable category of sexual relations between persons who are “in a loving and committed relationship” as so many Christians wrongly believe today.

But if you have read some posts on this site where I talk about masturbation and erotica you will know that I do not believe it is wrong for a Christian to enjoy viewing images of sex.  The only things I believed were wrong to view was homosexual sex, group sex, underage minors, bestiality, rape or violent types of sex and unmarried couples having sex.

The reason I believed it was wrong to view pictures or videos of unmarried people having sex was because I felt I was taking pleasure in their fornication.

But after reading the post below from, and prayerfully looking at the evidence he presents I came to the same conclusion he did.

What we are seeing when we see a man and woman have sex in some photo or movie is NOT an actual man and woman having sex.

I know that you are scratching your head right now.   But hear me out.

What you are viewing when view such sexual imagery is just that  – imagery!.  It is an image or depiction of a man and woman having sex. Before the days of photography artists had to capture these kinds of things in their mind and spend many hours or even days and weeks painting or sculpting these things.  So in the sense of sexual imagery yes sometimes the “artist’s inspiration” may have been an unmarried man and woman having sex. But once the image has been made it is just that – an imagination put to paper, or canvas or film or a digital file.

Today they are doing fascinating things with computerized photo programs. Graphic artists are literally “painting” with pixels in a file.  Some of these portraits of actors and others you could not tell are a graphic painting they are done so well.

My point is while we would love it if all the “inspirations” for the photos and movies out there with sexual imagery were in fact of married couples having sex this is simply not the world we live in.  But we don’t have to play this “guilt by association” game that Christians so often play.

When we appreciate and are aroused by the images of a man and woman  having sex we are not taking pleasure in fornication but rather we are taking pleasure in imagery of heterosexual sex between a man and woman.  We are designed by God to do so.

But this does not mean we are advocating for or condoning sex between unmarried couples.

See these two posts from – I hope all my readers will look at these with an open mind and open heart.

Why I will now allow pictures of unmarried couples having sex

The difference between Good and Bad Porn

Why Porn is not bad for Christians or anybody else


2 thoughts on “My change on images of unmarried couples having sex

    1. No I don’t think he would have, but not because it is wrong. He would not have because he had no sex drive – he had the gift of celibacy. God grants this to a select few so that they can dedicate their lives solely to God’s work. To the rest of us he gives the gift of sex.

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