How should Christian women respond to their men looking at other women?


This is a new 3 part series by about the issue of men checking out other women(other than the one they are with).

This really delves into the issues of how women feel about this, and how they typically react to it, and how they actually should react to it. It also has a helpful addendum talking to men about how they go about looking at other women.

Here is are some excerpts from this series(make sure to click on the links in the bottom to go to next article in series):

“Many Christians (both men and women) would admit that it is natural for a man (and teen boys) to be drawn to beautiful women…

But these same people would also admit that it is natural for a woman to be jealous when she catches her man glancing at an attractive woman. Other women who are not coming from the perspective of the wife or girlfriend, may just say this behavior “objectifies women” and they become angry when men look at them.

So we have reached a philosophical impasse – both behaviors are natural in each gender, yet they are contradictory to each other….

As believers in Christ, we understand that we all have a sin nature. But we also have a God given nature. In the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve ever sinned, God gave Adam a distinct and different male nature and he gave Eve a distinct and different female nature. He literally built Eve for Adam, and he made her nature almost completely the opposite of his….

So the question is – is man’s natural inclination to look at a variety of attractive women (even when he is in a committed relationship) a corruption of the nature God gave him in the Garden of Eden?”

Click here to go to this great series on How Christian women should respond to their men looking at other women

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