The 10 actions of the sexually intelligent wife

Great article, lots of good truth for women about how passion is kept in marriage.

Biblical Gender Roles


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To all you engaged women, newlywed wives or women that have been married for many years. If you will just follow some simple principles, and accept some simple truths about men, I promise that in 99% of cases the passion in your marriage will never die.

I believe as Christians we must speak bluntly about sexuality and I hope you will bear with me as some of the statements I make here might be offensive to some Christian readers, although that is not my intention. I don’t mean to be crude either, but there are some things that must be said.

If sex is so important to having a passionate relationship in marriage then how do Christian couples have passion before they are married?

Many Christian women ask this question, since as Christians we believe sex is reserved for marriage. The answer…

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Gentlemen, enjoy your summer


There are many things to love about the season of summer.  Time with family, vacations and yes  -beautiful women! At no other time of year do men get to enjoy the beauty of women like they do right now.  Just about every time you walk out of the house for whatever errand you are running, or wherever you may go there seems to be beautiful women walking down the street or through the store.

Guys just remember the golden rule  – glance, don’t gawk. The only exception to the “no gawking rule” would be if your wife or girl friend is not with you, and the woman is facing away from you, then you can take a slightly longer glance to soak in the beauty of her form.  Just be cool, not creepy.

Have a great summer and enjoy the view!