My Christian husband wants my panties

Holding Panties

Your husband is in the military or has a job where he may be separated from you for long periods of time. Now he is making what seems to be strange request. He asks for you to send him a pair of your panties. He makes it clear, he does not want a clean fresh pair, and he wants a pair you have worn, a pair that has your scent on them.

To many Christian women (and non-Christian women) this might seem like a perverted request. Only perverts go around smelling women’s underwear right? Wrong.

There is a difference between a man going in strange women’s homes and taking their underwear – that is a problem. If your husband starts wearing your underwear, that is a problem.

But there is no problem and no perversion in your husband who spends long periods of time away from home (very common for military families) to make this kind of request. The reason is very simple, the scent of you in your panties reminds him of you. It is a physical, tangible reminder of the woman he loves.

Many women think men are only visual creatures, but men also love a woman’s scent. This can be a huge turn on for men. This is why it is important not only for woman to perform oral sex on her husband, but also for her to allow him to perform oral sex on her. A women’s scent can be intoxicating to her husband.

Will he most likely masturbate while smelling your panties? Probably and that is OK.  The Bible never forbids masturbation.  Would you rather your husband do that(masturbate to your panties) instead of him seeking out a prostitute while he is away? I think most women would answer with a resounding yes.

I am writing this article because I recently heard of a family member who lives in another state having marriage problems. She and her husband are both Christians, he is in the Navy and she stays home to take care of their children. Over several different deployments over many years, he has asked her to send him a pair of her panties, with her scent on them. She would refuse, she made him feel perverted each time he would ask, no matter how he explained that he just wanted to feel close to her while he was gone.

She would tell him that he could just text and email, and call her to feel close. But she was not understanding how God made her husband. She was seeing things through her own female way of thinking and not his male way of feeling.

The sad part of this story is eventually her husband began seeing prostitutes while he was on deployment. He eventually admitted this to her and it almost ended their marriage. They are working through their issues in counseling now.

But this woman admitted to my mother, that she so wishes she could go back and send her husband her panties like he asked. He was reaching out for his wife’s love, and instead of meeting her husband’s need, she rejected him and made him feel like a pervert.

I truly hope Christian woman, that if you are reading this today and wondering what you should with this request from you husband, that you will respond in love. God has said your body belongs to your husband.

The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.

I Corinthians 7:4(KJV)

If you husband asks for your panties when he is away, it is a compliment. It means he misses you and wants to have a part of you with him. Yes God owns our bodies, but he has rented them out to our spouses. You have a duty to give your husband whatever he requests, as long as it is not sinful, and this is not sinful.

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