Is it wrong for a christian woman to masturbate?

Woman In Underwear Masturbating While Lying On Bed

Masturbation is not wrong, and it is not sinful for a Christian woman. In fact it is right and healthy for a Christian woman (as well as non-Christian women). Masturbation can be abused, or used in conjunction with sinful activity, but masturbation in and of itself is not a sin.

The two main reasons that Christian women may masturbate are:

  1. They are single (whether never married or divorced). Either way single women have sexual desire just like married women. Teenage women, and adult women have sexual needs that need to be met. Masturbation can provide relief without the woman engaging in premarital sex.
  2. Sometimes married women need to masturbate because their husbands are unable to give them orgasms during intercourse.

Some women simply have a hard time having an orgasm through intercourse. It is just a medical fact. Even after exploring all the possible physiological and physical issues it just is difficult for some women.

These same women don’t feel like asking their husbands every time they have sex to manually stimulate them or perform oral sex (but husbands should be willing to do this if asked). So at some point these women may go off on their own and masturbate to give themselves some relief. Some women don’t need this, or rarely need it, others need it almost every time.

There is no sin in this behavior. Ladies, I would just give a word of caution that you make sure you have tried everything first with your husband to try and have orgasms with him. Many women find, (and their husbands do as well) that when they both take the pressure off her to have an orgasm during intercourse she actually has one!

But even if you do have orgasms with your husband, it is not wrong to also masturbate on your own.

Conclusion and Application

It is not a sin to masturbate. Masturbation can be abused like anything else (including eating). But when done in a healthy way, and for the right reasons, masturbation can be a wonderful part of the gift of sexuality that God has given us.

I have covered the the subject of masturbation in much more detail in this article – Is masturbation wrong for a Christian?

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