How should Christians handle ED(Erectile Dysfunction) in their marriage

This is another one of those sex life killers for many Christian couples.  You both are getting frisky and then he loses his erection.

I know first hand how this feels as I am now approaching 40, and have gained weight over the years. (Both weight and age can be contributors to ED).

It does not happen for me very often, but when it does it can be very frustrating.  Often times my wife does not handle in the correct way and I can see she is laying there frustrated.  Often times it is just because she wants to get sex done and go on to whatever else she was thinking about, but sometimes it is because she actually wanted it.

The causes of Erectile Dysfunction(ED) are many, including stress(work or family or other), physical illness or weight and general aging processes.

Ladies – how you handle it when your man looses it is CRITICAL. You can have a frustrated look and make him feel more pressured(and if he feels more pressured it will take him forever to get it back).  OR you can react in a more helpful way to your husband and realize that he needs you to calm him down and make him feel relaxed.

Do you know one of the best ways to get your husband’s erection bac ? Yep you guessed it – oral sex. Give his penis a good sucking, but do it gentle and slow and then build up.  But the key is patience.  And ladies there is absolutely nothing disgusting or bad about sucking you husband’s penis after he has been in your vagina.  It is all natural, you just need to wrap your head(and your mouth) around it and your will be fine.

Also guys – don’t be too proud to get on some ED medication.  There is now a generic version of Viagra you can ask your doctor for and its a lot less expensive.

In the end sometimes a man just can’t get it back and that is when his wife need to let him know its ok, and guys yes it happens to us all so don’t beat yourself up.

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